Gym Hemp was established with a vision to manufacture eco-friendly gym accessories. Hemp fabric is the most durable manufacturing material when it comes to the production of Workout Hemp Lifting Straps. It is not only three times more enduring than cotton but also is comfortable to wear, unlike its texture. These Hemp Wrist Wraps can be worn for an intense workout. Let it be Powerlifting, Bodybuilding or Weightlifting, and Hemp Lifting Straps fulfill all of your requirements.

Advantages of Hemp Fabric are beyond imagination. It can be said that Hemp Fabric is the future of the Textile Industry.

Here are some of the benefits regarding the use of Hemp Fabric Lifting Straps over other fabrics.

Organic in Nature:

Hemp plant surprisingly produces some of the world’s best nature-friendly fabrics.

  • It doesn’t require any pesticides.
  • Produces an excess amount of Oxygen.
  • Hinders weed growth without the help of Herbicides.
  • Controls the erosion of topsoil from the surface.

Other than that, it can be cultivated in less than 100 days, and probably Hemp Fabric is the world’s most versatile fiber.

Sturdy and Abrasion Resistant:

Lifting straps manufactured from Hemp Fabric are three times as more enduring and long lasting in nature. Therefore, making it the perfect choice for handling extreme workout routines. Moreover, it is also extraordinarily abrasion resistant. It can be worn in any environment and can be used roughly. Still, it will not affect its features. Not only it is sturdy in nature but also holds its original shape and length for a more extended period.


Hemp fabric is anti-microbial in nature. Which means it prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and other microorganisms (Viruses, Fungi, and Protozoa) that are often present on the gym equipment, as a lot of different people uses it. Recent studies have shown that hemp kills Staph and other bacteria that come in contact with its surface. Therefore, making the use of gym accessories safer and healthier for you.

Shields your skin from UV Rays:

The world’s finest Industrial Hemp manufactures gym Hemp’s Lifting bands. It has a natural ability to deflect Ultra Violet radiations. Consequently, protecting your skin from harmful rays while regularly maintain the quality of the fabric.

Stylish look and Comfortable to Wear:

Hemp Fabric, because of its unique texture, reflects a stylish and fashionable look. Despite that rough looking texture, it is incredibly comfortable to wear and does not cause irritation or redness on the skin. Hence, it is a Hypoallergenic fabric to wear.

High Breathability Level:

Workout Hemp Fabric has a high breathability level. It prevents excessive sweating from providing you with a more stable and firmer grip and from keeping your mind and body fresh and pleasant smelling.

Summing it Up:

There are many Advantages of Hemp Fabric. All in favor of human health. Moreover, with Gym Hemp’s solid production, Hemp Lifting Bands are customized more suitable for your health and training needs.

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